About Me

cropped-cropped-Untitled-design.pngI am the leading authority on Mastering Permanent Make Up, and I am known for having some of the best client success stories in the beauty industry.

My clients learn to make fabulous income doing meaningful, transformational work on their customers, experiencing happiness and support while having fun!

Above all, I take a powerful stand for women’s Mastery in their beauty business and financial freedom. My work is dedicated to creating a world of support and coaching to an ever growing, life transforming higher education to my clients.

Your desire to create the most beautiful transformational Make Up Tattoo on your clients, and make a handsome income without taking any risks of doing mistakes, is just around the corner.

The need to make a real change in someones life and to master the skill of Permanent Make Up is not a dream.

It’s actually a calling that you are stepping in to so you can become the creator of your satisfied life, and create a highly profitable business.

There has never been a better time to start your journey as a master PMU artist as you create amazing Permanent Make Up for those you are called to serve with your gifts and talents.

Now you can experience the lifestyle and financial freedom you deeply desire.